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Rogue Spear (Mac)

Rogue Spear
Rogue Spear (Mac)
by MacSoft
Platform:   Mac
4.6 out of 5 stars(5)

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Red Storm Entertainment and creator Tom Clancy's genre-busting game Rainbow Six combined elements of first-person shooters and tactical strategy games and grabbed numerous game-of-the-year awards. With those credentials, it was virtually inevitable that the gaming community would be graced with a brand new--and much improved--sequel. Rogue Spear, the 1999 follow-up to Red Storm's Rainbow Six follows the old adage that if something isn't significantly flawed, don't attempt repair. Though Rainbow Six featured some minor bugs and game-play concerns, Red Storm keeps the proven game play intact, but improves the 3-D engine and implements fan requests, such as increasing sniper support and adding a "peer around walls" key, to create a near-flawless follow-up.

In Rogue Spear,,players once again assume command of an elite counter-terrorist group known as RAINBOW and guide them through a dynamic campaign filled with nerve-wracking missions, such as rescuing hostages from a museum and infiltrating a hijacked airliner. Like its predecessor, Rogue Spear uses an elaborate premission planning screen to assign routes and duties to each team member. During the mission, the intensity level and graphical splendor rise exponentially. Rogue Spear eschews typical first-person shooter elements like health packs and armor power-ups; the real-world weapons ensure that one whizzing bullet could be the last thing you see. Tense, strategic missions, various multiplayer options, and a mission editor create one of the most engrossing game experiences around. --Doug Radcliffe

Six is back--and tougher than ever. Due to the team's fantastic success with defusing major terrorist incidents, the international community has come to depend on RAINBOW as the main force secretly protecting citizens worldwide. Thus, the story continues in Rogue Spear, with the team's initial missions being business as usual: a hostage situation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and an airplane hijacking. However, the team soon discovers that these crisis situations are actually related to the nefarious plots of not one, but two antagonists: the Russian Mafia and a Middle Eastern terrorist organization--groups who have, until now, been able to escape the jaws of international justice. Through a series of increasingly difficult missions, RAINBOW uncovers the terrorists' deadly master plan, just in the nick of time--to save the world again. Players have new weapons at their disposal as well as sniper specialists to properly take out deadly foes from afar, and with more than four hundred new motion capture moves, terrorists and hostages react even more realistically to you and your team. The frozen breaths of team members can be seen puffing from their mouths in snowy conditions while footprints are left behind. Guide your team with a joystick, add more terrorists with the mission editor, and send your friends a copy of your greatest attack with the cinematic replay feature. All of this and more will make Rogue Spear the greatest action/strategy game you've ever played. Just remember, if you fail, the game isn't over--the world is.

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