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If it's a consideration in real-world piloting, it's a consideration in Fly!. First, pick your plane. Then configure and prepare it for flight. Set fuel levels for the entire aircraft, or set the levels in each tank individually. Adjust weight load by pulling up cargo and passenger diagrams. Add or remove passengers. Adjust cargo placement. The aircraft's center of gravity will change accordingly until you judge it's safe to take flight.

Expect the environment to be as real as the planes. The 3-D volumetric clouds allow you to temporarily fly blind or to practice keeping a safe distance. You can also define the weather environment by importing the daily NOAA METAR weather data online. Fly! automatically configures the weather in the simulation to match.

The 25-meter LandSat satellite imagery of five major cities provides 50,000 continuous square miles of high-resolution ground detail. Over certain areas, 5-meter IRS-C1 satellite images allow for increased ground resolution. Outside of the satellite areas, there is a 5-meter generic terrain tile appropriate to that land type--scenery from around the globe!

Fly! features ultrarealistic cockpit and avionics systems detailed to each aircraft's original configuration. It also features air traffic control with full voice support, global positioning system (GPS) navigation, and realistic air traffic.

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