Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Star Trek ClassicsBorg

Star Trek Classics
Star Trek Classics: Borg
by Pearson Software
Platform:    Windows 98 / Me / 95, Mac
3.6 out of 5 stars(13)

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You are Starfleet Cadet Qaylan Furlong. The Borg is attacking and you have been asked to abandon ship--the last thing you want to do. Ten years ago, your father's ship, the USS Righteous, engaged the Borg in the battle of Wolf 359. The Borg boarded the USS Righteous, murdered your father, and destroyed the fleet. You have waited every moment of these ten years to have your revenge. While the Federation restricts you from action, "Q" turns up with an offer to take you to the past and revise history.

Modeled after the choose-your-own-adventure theme, Star Trek: Borg gives you the chance to revisit Wolf 359 and stop the murder of your father and the destruction of the USS Righteous. Throughout the interactive video, Q leads you through the action and helps you meddle with fate--all the while dispensing not-so-helpful and definitely cynical advice. At the climax of each scene, Q gives you two choices in a usually do-or-die situation. The decisions you make change the course of this interactive movie and the future of Federation history.

The graphics of Star Trek: Borg are exceptional, although jerky if the system is not configured for the recommended requirements. The movie follows the Star Trek themes of saving humanity, facing your fears, and enforcing interplanetary morality. This interactive package focuses more on the continuous video than on game play and interaction, appealing to those willing to witness and not experience Wolf 359. --Madeleine Miller

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