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Delta ForceTask Force Dagger

Delta Force
Delta Force: Task Force Dagger
by NovaLogic
Platform:   Windows 98 / Me / 95
3.3 out of 5 stars(41)

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Delta Force: Task Force Dagger is based on missions from Operation Enduring Freedom. Players take control as one of 10 different Special Forces soldiers over 25 intense and varied missions set in Afghanistan. Only the best of the best are selected to become members of the 2/75th RANGER, SEAL Team 6, CIA Spec Ops, the UK SAS 22 Regiment, SFOD-SF Viper Team (Green Berets), Australian SASR, Canadian JTF-2, Marine Force Recon, USAF CSAR (Air Force Pararescue), and, of course, SFOD-Delta.

Missions take place deep in enemy territory, from Kandahar to Mazar-i-Sharif to Tora Bora. Delta Force Operatives raid rebel headquarters, take control of a local airport, ambush enemy convoys, and destroy key SAM and SCUD missile sites.

Utilizing NovaLogic's updated Land Warrior engine, Task Force Dagger has been designed by Zombie Studios as a stand-alone mission pack with new characters, weapons, and single and multiplayer levels.

Take control as a Special Forces soldier - over 25intense/varied missionsProduct InformationEngage in anti-terrorist operations as of 1 of 10 different special forces unitsfighting for justice in Afghanistan. These forces are the actual Special Forcesunits deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom. Each special op team has a specialrole. Missions take place deep in enemy territory from Kandahar to Mazar-i-Sharif toTora Bora. Delta Force Operatives raid rebel headquarters take control of alocal airport ambush enemy convoys and destroy key SAM and SCUD missile sites.Only the best of the best are selected tobecome members of the 2/75th RANGER SEAL Team 6 CIA Spec Ops the UK SAS 22Regiment SFOD-SF Viper Team (Green Berets) Australian SASR Canadian JTF-2Marine Force Recon USAF CSAR (Air Force Pararescue) and of course SFOD-DELTA!Product FeaturesBecome the BestPlay as a soldier from 1 of 10 Special Forces units including Delta Force ArmyRangers Navy SEALs and British SAS.Infiltrate Afghanistan Strongholds25 intense missions! Take over Kandahar Airport demolish hillside bunkers inKabul ambush a convoy and more.Fire 30 WeaponsGear up with 13 new Delta Force weapons including the M60 Machinegun M24Sniper Rifle and Glock 19.Spy On the EnemyPlan your attack with real-time images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and call indevastating air strikes.Large-scale MultiplayerCreate your own multiplayer games and maps with the mission editor. Newmultiplayer maps included.Minimum Requirements Windows 95 98 Me 2000 XP Pentium II 400 MHz or equivalent processor 128 MB of RAM 200 MB available Hard Drive space 4X CD-ROM drive DirectX 7.0 or greater required (included on CD) Windows compatible Sound Card. Voice-Over-Net (VON) requires full duplex Sound Card Windows compatible mouse Direct 3D Video Card required.  NVIDIA TNT2 or GeForce recommended.Supported 3D cards include: NVIDIA TNT TNT2 GeForce2 GeForce3 GeForce4 ATIRage

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