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Transworld Surf

Transworld Surf
Transworld Surf
by Atari Inc.
Platform:   PlayStation2
4.2 out of 5 stars(20)

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Transworld Surf was developed by Angel Studios, a game shop known for creating visually stunning outdoor environments. Therefore, it's no surprise that this extreme surfing game excels graphically. All 10 of the game's locations have a distinct look that properly reflects the conditions in each area. Also lifelike are the player models and animations. The sound effects aren't nearly as remarkable as the graphics, but the music is great. The diverse soundtrack features tracks from Nebula, Dr. Onionskin, Cali Agents, Anti-Flag, and Sum 41.

Game modes include free surf, single session, multiplayer, and pro tour. The first three modes are self-explanatory, while the last consists of objective-based levels and competitions with the pros. Although the controls are responsive, timing tricks and combos is initially difficult. Unlike in skateboarding and BMX games, the player has to master each trick's timing while worrying about a constantly moving environment. While it may be too daunting for beginners, this is a deep and rewarding game that's a joy to behold. This is to surfing games what Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is to skateboarding games. --Raymond M. Padilla

(This review refers to the Xbox version of this game.)


  • Amazing graphics
  • Responsive controls
  • Good variety of surfers, beaches, and music tracks
  • Relatively steep learning curve
  • Hackneyed level objectives
  • Middling sound effects

Transworld Surf lets you use the moves that made guys like Taj Burrow, Andy Irons, and Shane Dorian famous. You'll pull off massive airs, blazing tailslides, and hundreds of other mind-numbing tricks. You'll drop into 20 of the world's sweetest breaks and experience incredibly realistic water. Transport yourself to internationally renowned surf locales, including Hossegor, France; Fort Point, San Francisco; and Tavarua, Fiji. Learn how the pros do it by watching real surf videos.

Create your own soundtrack with the 50-plus music tracks. Hitch a ride with the Reef Girls, watch out for hungry sharks, and remember to save your best moves for the Transworld photographers who just may put you on the cover of Transworld Surf in the game. The precise and intuitive gameplay amplifies your trick styles. Easy pick-up-and-play controls and the dynamic surf cam put you right in the action.

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