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Touch Mechanic

Touch Mechanic
Touch Mechanic
by Aspyr Media
Platform:   Nintendo DS
5.0 out of 5 stars(5)

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Touch Mechanic uses the unique touchscreen controls of the Nintendo DS to let you "get your hands dirty" while repairing and upgrading cars. You take control of a young mechanic, and as you work through the game's 75 episodes, you'll change oil, spray paint, replace engines and air filters, and much more.

Use the touchscreen and stylus to repair and upgrade cars.

You'll learn how to use different tools such as the welding tool.
Feel Like You're in a Real Garage
You begin as a novice at the local auto shop, where Captain Bob is your mentor and teaches you the basics of auto repair. As you look around the messy garage and all the scattered instruments and tools you need, you'll get a strong sense of the quintessential auto shop atmosphere.

You'll start with simple objectives, such as changing oil, but soon enough you'll be working on the minutiae of an engine. Speed counts: the faster you do the job, the more you get paid.

The Nintendo DS allows for unique game play control. For example, you use the stylus to control a saw. A meter on the screen shows you how fast you can saw before the blade will break. Maintaining a good speed without breaking the blade is the key to getting the job done and making as much money as possible.

Upgrade Your Own Car
As you learn more repairs and do more jobs, you can use the money you earn to buy your own car and customize it. You can choose from a classic car, race car, SUV, or a coupe, and then upgrade it with body kits, new paint, and more. Impress enough people with your ride, and you'll get a better job at a new garage.

Look At Cars from All Angles
Touch Mechanic features an intuitive interface that has portraits of characters on the top screen and the workshop at the bottom. The game has 3D models of the cars and parts, and you can rotate and look at the exterior and interiors of cars from every angle.

Touch Mechanic takes players into the exciting world of customs and car tuning and tasks them with learning what it takes to be a surgeon of the automobile. Gamers learn to change rims, repair damaged bumpers, replace mufflers and brakes, and aftermarket enhancements and perform paint and decal work on vehicles of all shapes and sizes while working their way to the top of the profession! Beginning as a young mechanic with an intriguing past, players find themselves under the wing of Captain Bob of Captain Bob’s Auto Repair. The Player earns money through repair work to upgrade his car and enters the new ride in custom car shows. With impressive showings in the competition, gamers gain the attention of bigger and better shops and eventually obtain a dream job with the top racing team on the circuit!

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