Sunday, November 27, 2011

Toysight Gold for iSightIncludes Games (Mac)

Toysight Gold for iSight
Toysight Gold for iSight: Includes 15 Games (Mac)
by Freeverse Software
Platform:   Mac OS X
3.5 out of 5 stars(2)

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Toysight is set of cool games and toys to play using your iSight™ or similar firewire camera. Using a system of object and motion detection to track your position Toysight allows you to control buttons sliders and perform gestures on the screen putting you right in the action!Variety of Games The games featured in ToySight run the gamut from Sky Diver in which you freefall through the air and try to land as close to a target as possible - to PieSight where the challenge lies in splatting monkeys with custard pies before they can throw bananas at you. You can even grab objects off your desk (Freeverse recommends using real toys) for Toy War in which ToySight creates a digital replica of what it sees in the camera and places it in an arena where it battles another toy supplied by a friend. When your epic toy battle ends keep your friend around for two more multi-player games Submarines and Tennis Xtreme. In the former two subs move back and forth on either side of an island automatically firing missiles every five seconds. You move a slider to change the missile's angle and try to hit your opponent first one to reach five strikes wins. Tennis Xtreme is played with tanks instead of paddles. The tanks volley a ticking time bomb scoring when it explodes on their opponent.System Requirements:Mac OS X 10.2 G3/G4 400 Mhz 256 MB RAM 200 MB hard drive space iSight™ or Firewire video camera Format: MAC 10.2 OR LATER Genre: ENTERTAINMENT UPC: 080627050145 Manufacturer No: 5014

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